SSVM 2015 presentations (June 2015) 

Presenting papers on the latest theory and applications concerning spectral TV and its extensions.

Matlab Code Section 

Matlab code of some articles is given in a new Code section.

Talk at the Applied Math Seminar, Technion (Nov. 2014) 

Presented the spectral variational apprach (with some proofs on the board).

Talk at RICAM, Linz (Oct. 2014) 

Lecture within the special semester on New Trends in Calculus of Variations.

3D Lab Now Open 

A new lab dedicated to 3D experiments is now open.

TCE talk 

Giving a talk at the Technion TCE confernce on Peeling Images.

SIAM Imaging Science Conference 

Giving a talk at SIAM-IS on color analysis.