MSc Seminar of Alona Baruhov 

MSc seminar of Alona Baruhov on  “Cyclic Generative Models for Depth Image Enhancement”, on 20/2/2019, at 11:30, room 1061.

Guy presents in Henri Poincare Institute, Paris 

Guy gives a talk on “Characterizing functionals and flows by nonlinear eigenvalue analysis” at Henri Poincare institute in Paris, as part of the workshop on Variational methods and optimization in imaging.  

MSc Seminar of Shai Biton 

MSc seminr of Shai Biton on 23/1/2019 on “Nonlinear Eigenfunctions – The Functional’s Natural Shapes And When To Use Them”, at 14:30, room 1061.

Ety’s TIP paper published 

The paper  “Spectral Total-Variation Local Scale Signatures for Image Manipulation and Fusion” by Ester Hair, Guy Gilboa is now published at IEEE Trans. On Image Processing  28.2 (2019): 880-895.    

Presenting in SIAM Imaging Sciences, Bologna 

Ety, Ido and Guy attended SIAM Imaging Sciences Conference in Bologna, presenting their recent research.

New Book 

Nonlinear Eigenproblems in Image Processing and Computer Vision, by Guy Gilboa

Horizon 2020 RISE grant started March 2018 

Grant for collaboration between universities and industry on nonlocal methods, started March 2018.

Paper of Raz & Guy accepted 

Journal paper of Raz & Guy on “Flows Generating Nonlinear Eigenfunctions” accepted to J. Sci. Computing

Workshop in Cambridge Sept 2017 

Tal & Guy participated in a workshop in Cambridge (Newton Institute)

TIP Paper of Ety 

Ety Hait’s journal paper is published