TV Transform & Nonlinear Spectral Theory 

A new framework is proposed for variational analysis and processing. It defines a functional-based nonlinear transform and inverse-transform. The framework is developed in the context of total-variation (TV), but it can be generalized to other functionals. An eigenfunction, with respect to the subdifferential of the functional, such as a disk in the TV case, yields an […]

Sharpening and Enhancement 

PDE and variational approaches for stable sharpening and denoising.

Nonlocal Operators in Image Processing 

Processing image in a nonlocal manner using a variational approach. Nonlocal operators such as gradient and divergence are defined and used to form nonlocal functionals, such as nonlocal total variation (NLTV). Also evolution processes can be used (e.g. for denoising), for instance nonlocal diffusion. Segmentation, NL-TV-L1 and NL-TV-G minimizations are examined, as well as extensions […]

Depth Cameras 

Processing depth data.

Research Keywords